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Conduction Plate Production is Back!

Conduction Plate Classic Black Subaru

Conduction Plate Manila restarted our production for conduction plates for cars and motorcycles! The order for car plates and motorcycle plates received during the ECQ and MECQ are all in process.¬†ūüôā

Order your custom conduction plates (temporary plates) here: conductionplate.com/order.

You may see all designs and prices here. 

Thank you for your patience. Stay safe everyone!

Changes in Delivery Charges Starting October 22, 2016

We updated our delivery charges.  Please be guided. This change will apply to all unpaid orders as of October 22, 2016.

For those who have paid before this date, the changes in¬†delivery charge won’t affect you.

Thank you.


Delivery Fee for Metro Manila Addresses:

Classic/Classic Black – P150
Euro/Premium White/Premium Black – P150
Gunma Japanese/ Gunma Black – P150


Delivery Fee for Provincial (non-Metro Manila) addresses:

Classic/Classic Black – P300
Euro/Premium White/Premium Black – P300
Gunma Japanese/ Gunma Black – P300

We course our non-Metro Manila deliveries through LBC.



Election Fever – Who is your Presidential Candidate?

We caught the Election Fever and thought that our clients may want to have special plates this election season.

We made special Euro plate designs for Candidates for the Presidential Candidate supporters.

Duterte Euro

Duterte Euro. Right: DU30. “Tapang at Malasakit. Duterte.”


Grace Poe Euro. Right: TEAM GP. “Gobyernong May Puso.”


Mar Roxas Euro. Right: MAR 2016. “Ituloy ang Daang Matuwid”


Binay Euro – Right: B1NAY, “Gagaan ang Buhay kay B1nay.”


Miriam Euro – Right: MIRIAM, “A Fighter. A Survivor. Qualities of a Great Leader”


Team Philippines Plates

Team philippines conduction plates Banner

Show your love to the Philippine National Teams through the Team Philippines Special Plates!

For now, we have designs for Gilas Pilipinas and Azkals in premium black and premium white.

Azkals - premium black conduction plates

Azkals – black

Azkals - premium white conduction plates

Azkals – white

Gilas - Premium black conduction plates

Gilas – black

Gilas - Premium black conduction plates

Gilas – black

Dimensions of the plates above: 4.5″ x 20.5″. ¬†These plates are made of elastic plastic and are all-weather.

Comment below what other teams you’d like to see.
Order form: bit.ly/plateorderform
Type: Team Philippines

MMDA Memo about displaying the conduction number

MMDA Memo 6: Guidelines in the Implementation of the UVVRP (number coding) for new vehicles without license plates but with conduction stickers

Some important parts of the memo:

  • New cars are no longer exempt from the number coding scheme. ¬†The the last number of the conduction sticker will determine the days where the vehicle is not allowed in the number coding scheme
  • New vehicles are required display of the conduction number on the space for plates.
  • P 300 fine for the violation of the guideline

Conduction Plate Manila offers an elegant solution to this problem.  See a sample of  our plates here.

Twitter post of MMDA: https://twitter.com/MMDA/status/320024624219967488

MMDA MC 6 page 1

MMDA MC 6 page 1

MMDA MC 6 conduction sticker page 2

MMDA MC 6 conduction sticker page 2

Need the temporary plates?  Order a set of temporary plates from Conduction Plate Manila.