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Conduction Plate Production is Back!

Conduction Plate Classic Black Subaru

Conduction Plate Manila restarted our production for conduction plates for cars and motorcycles! The order for car plates and motorcycle plates received during the ECQ and MECQ are all in process.¬†ūüôā

Order your custom conduction plates (temporary plates) here: conductionplate.com/order.

You may see all designs and prices here. 

Thank you for your patience. Stay safe everyone!

Update: Virtual Plate Numbers may vary from the Actual LTO Plates

Quick summary:

If your car was registered starting July 2016, the virtual plate number printed in your Certificate of Registration may be different from the actual LTO plates you will receive.¬† The first letter will change from “A” to the letter assigned to the LTO Regional Office.

From James Deakin’s Facebook (Aug 24, 2018)

“More than a few people have reached out about some confusing plates that don‚Äôt match their OR/CR. So I reached out to the LTO and this is how they explain it:

“As agreed during a meeting with NRU (New Registration Units) prior to rollout ng PLATES:
It was agreed na all manufactured plates issued for MV Registered Starting July 2016 will revert to the previous assignment of series for regional office. All manufactured plate will represent their respective region based on their initial prefix letter
Such as
Regional Office 1 – Y
Regional Office 2 – B
Regional Office 3 – C
Regional Office 4A – D
Regional Office 4B – V
Regional Office 5 – E
Regional Office 6 – F
Regional Office 7 – G
Regional Office 8 – H
Regional Office 9 – I
Regional Office 10 – J
Regional Office 11 – K
Regional Office 12 – L
So on and so forth

Why ang Region 1 is Y? Because instead of A whose series is already used, they assigned prefix instead is Y.

In this case, the ACX Virtual Plate, which was assigned in Region 1, the Manufactured Plate is YCX instead of ACX.
This applies to all region with assigned Virtual Plates.

An ACP Virtual Plate which was assigned in NCR will be manufactured as NCP (to determine the Region where region the vehicle is registered.

As you can easily notice – all manufactured plate no longer bears the name of Regional Office under the Plate Number unlike before.

They can be identified thru the 1st letter of the plate.

As to documents (Plates printed in the CR no longer matches with the actual plates), they can go to their respective district office that issued the CR or the Regional Office, to annotate or initialize the corrected plate in the CR. Or they can also request for a screenshot of actual plate issued to the vehicle as supporting document to the ‚Äúinitialized‚ÄĚ plates in the CR
They can have the CR reprinted in the LTO Office, para malinis.

Like the Region 3
From ADJ to CDJ

Painitial na lang po yung CR with the manufactured plate. And you can request for screenshot (which can be viewed in all on line LTO offices)

CAR – is Y
While Regional Office No. 1 is I
Region 9 is J
Region 10 is K

So for now, we’d recommend that clients to remain using their conduction plates until LTO releases their official car plate.¬†

You can read about the LTO plate availability checker here:  LTO vehicle plate availability checker now online.

Source: James Deakin’s Facebook Post¬†(Aug 24, 2018)

LTO vehicle plate availability checker now online

LTO online plate availability checker

LTO recently launched an online tool so vehicle owners can check if their official LTO plates are available.

You can see the status through this web page Рhttps://www.lto.net.ph/LTO/Online.

LTO online plate availability checker

LTO online plate availability checker

You need to enter the 15-digit MV file number.  This number can be found in the Certificate of Registration (CR) of your car.

MV File location in Certificate of Registration

MV File location in Certificate of Registration


The LTO Website also has the Plate Availability Schedule here: https://www.lto.net.ph/ltomvinquiryui/LTO/SiteSchedule

LTO Plate Availability Schedule Per Region

LTO Plate Availability Schedule Per Region

To date (as of Aug 1, 2018), only plates from July 2016 until December 2016 are being produced.  For NCR, only plates from July 1, 2016 until August 3, 2016 are being produced.

If your plates are not yet ready, don’t fret.¬† You can order temporary conduction plates from Conduction Plate Manila.¬† You can order online, pay through BPI/GCash, then have the plates delivered.¬† We deliver all over the Philippines.

To order, kindly fill out the online order form at conductionplate.com/order.


Changes in Delivery Charges Starting October 22, 2016

We updated our delivery charges.  Please be guided. This change will apply to all unpaid orders as of October 22, 2016.

For those who have paid before this date, the changes in¬†delivery charge won’t affect you.

Thank you.


Delivery Fee for Metro Manila Addresses:

Classic/Classic Black – P150
Euro/Premium White/Premium Black – P150
Gunma Japanese/ Gunma Black – P150


Delivery Fee for Provincial (non-Metro Manila) addresses:

Classic/Classic Black – P300
Euro/Premium White/Premium Black – P300
Gunma Japanese/ Gunma Black – P300

We course our non-Metro Manila deliveries through LBC.



Election Fever – Who is your Presidential Candidate?

We caught the Election Fever and thought that our clients may want to have special plates this election season.

We made special Euro plate designs for Candidates for the Presidential Candidate supporters.

Duterte Euro

Duterte Euro. Right: DU30. “Tapang at Malasakit. Duterte.”


Grace Poe Euro. Right: TEAM GP. “Gobyernong May Puso.”


Mar Roxas Euro. Right: MAR 2016. “Ituloy ang Daang Matuwid”


Binay Euro – Right: B1NAY, “Gagaan ang Buhay kay B1nay.”


Miriam Euro – Right: MIRIAM, “A Fighter. A Survivor. Qualities of a Great Leader”


Christmas Schedule 2014

Holiday Schedule Conduction Plate

Hi Conduction Plate Manila fans!  The Christmas and New Year Holidays are coming!  Here are our production schedule in the next weeks for your reference.

Subject to change without prior notice

Subject to change without prior notice

Orders confirmed until Dec 8 will be delivered between Dec 12-16.

Orders confirmed until Dec 15 will be delivered between Dec 19-23.

All orders confirmed from Dec 16 until Jan 5 will be processed January and will be available for delivery from Jan 9-13.

So if you plan to give custom conduction plates as gifts, best to order before Dec 10.

We hope that you have a blessed Christmas and a happy new year!

Gunma Prefecture – The Inspiration behind the Gunma Japanese Plates

The Japanese characters (Á姝¶¨)¬†in our conduction plates refer to the Gunma Prefecture in Japan.
The Gunma prefecture is the region of choice for the Japanese Domestic Market (JDM) plate importers because it is the setting for the popular street racing/drifting anime called “Initial D.”
The biggest and famous car tuners of Japan are stationed in the Gunma area.  This can also be due to the fact that this prefecture has the highest concentration of cars in the country.
Our clients order this design because it gives a more Japanese feel to Japanese cars.

Gunma japanese conduction plate - front

Gunma Japanese – standard design, Á姝¶¨ refers to the Gunma Prefecture

Black Gunma Conduction Plates

Gunma Black – standard design

Gunma Black - without the manufacturer logo

Gunma Black – without the manufacturer logo

Team Philippines Plates

Team philippines conduction plates Banner

Show your love to the Philippine National Teams through the Team Philippines Special Plates!

For now, we have designs for Gilas Pilipinas and Azkals in premium black and premium white.

Azkals - premium black conduction plates

Azkals – black

Azkals - premium white conduction plates

Azkals – white

Gilas - Premium black conduction plates

Gilas – black

Gilas - Premium black conduction plates

Gilas – black

Dimensions of the plates above: 4.5″ x 20.5″. ¬†These plates are made of elastic plastic and are all-weather.

Comment below what other teams you’d like to see.
Order form: bit.ly/plateorderform
Type: Team Philippines

Our Rizal and PH flag design

Today is the 153rd birth anniversary of our national hero, Jose Rizal!

We are often asked what icon we usually place in our premium plates. The Rizal and PH flag design is our rendition of the Rizal Monument and elements of the Philippine flag.


Rizal and the PH Flag

Rizal and the PH Flag


The patriotic clients choose to place the Philippine flag on the left side.  Other clients have requested to place different flags, company logos, sports teams, and other icons to be placed on either side.

Let us know if you wish to order your set of conduction plates by filling out our plate order form.

Holiday Schedule

Holiday schedule 2013 (December 2013 to January 2014)

We won’t have production of conduction plates during Christmas Break.

Cut-off for orders: December 16 (Mon)          Last date of delivery: December 20 (Fri)

All orders received and confirmed until 6pm of December 16 (Mon) will be processed and be delivered by December 20 (Fri).

All orders received from December 17 onwards will be processed on January 6, 2014.  Tentative delivery date will be on January 10, 2014.  Normal operations will resume on January 6, 2014.

Likewise, we won’t be answering emails, phone calls and text messages during the non-working holidays (December 24, 25, 30, 31 and Jan 1). ¬† Please be guided accordingly.

Merry Christmas and a blessed New Year!


Conduction Plate Manila