MMDA Memo about displaying the conduction number

MMDA Memo 6: Guidelines in the Implementation of the UVVRP (number coding) for new vehicles without license plates but with conduction stickers

Some important parts of the memo:

  • New cars are no longer exempt from the number coding scheme.  The the last number of the conduction sticker will determine the days where the vehicle is not allowed in the number coding scheme
  • New vehicles are required display of the conduction number on the space for plates.
  • P 300 fine for the violation of the guideline

Conduction Plate Manila offers an elegant solution to this problem.  See a sample of  our plates here.

Twitter post of MMDA:

MMDA MC 6 page 1

MMDA MC 6 page 1

MMDA MC 6 conduction sticker page 2

MMDA MC 6 conduction sticker page 2

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