How do I order plates?

Ordering your conduction plates is easy.

  1. Fill out the order form so we can get the complete details: plate info, contact number, delivery address, payment method, etc.  You will receive 2 emails: a system generated email with your order details and a price quotation that lists the payment instructions.
  2. Pay for your plates and email the payment slip/screen/confirmation.  Follow the payment instructions emailed to you.  You can pay via BPI deposit, G-cash, or Credit Card (via Paypal).  Email the payment confirmation to conductionplate.com.
  3. Wait for your plates.  We will advise you once the plates are ready for delivery or for pickup in our sales office.

How long will it take to process orders?

We process orders by batches.  This is done usually every two weeks, a bit longer if there are holidays.  You can see the next payment deadline and the delivery dates in the order form.  We will advise you the expected date of delivery/pickup upon confirmation.

How can I get my plates?

You have two options: to pickup the plates in our sales office or to have them delivered.  We deliver nationwide.

How much are the delivery fees?

The delivery charge for a Metro Manila address is P150.  The delivery charge outside Metro Manila (Provincial) is P300.

If I order 2 sets of plates and have them delivered, how much is the delivery fee?

If you order 2 sets of plates and they will be delivered to the same address, only one delivery fee will be charged.

Where can I pickup the plates?

Eight Peaks Enterprises at GF, 1040 EDSA cor Magallanes Ave, Makati, Metro Manila.  (Mondays to Fridays 9am-5pm).

Eight Peaks Enterprises

GF 1040 EDSA, Magallanes Village, Makati. Office hours: Mondays to Fridays, 9am-5pm.

Google Map location: http://bit.ly/eightpeaksaddress

Search for Eight Peaks Enterprises.

It is in the same vicinity as Magallanes Skin and Wellness Clinic. It is just before Security Bank Savings and the Magallanes Village gate EDSA side. Eight Peaks Enterprises is a hardware store with steel tanks displayed outside.

Directions to Eight Peaks Enterprises

If you are coming from MOA, the office is on the right side, past Malibay, Caltex and the Evangelista Footbridge.

If you are coming from EDSA Makati, make your way towards Pasay.  Stay on the left side of EDSA and take the flyover to Aurora Blvd.  Make a U-turn in Aurora Blvd and return to EDSA northbound.  The office is on the right side, past Malibay , Caltex and the Evangelista Footbridge.  You will see Eight Peaks Enterprises just before the EDSA gate of Magallanes Village.  There is a parking space for clients across Magallanes Skin and Wellness Clinic.
Alternately, you may make your way towards Paseo de Magallanes (SLEX).  Turn right in San Gregorio, turn right to Lapu-lapu, Turn left in Victoria St, Turn right in Magallanes Ave.  Eight Peaks is in the block against the traffic.  Some of our clients park either in Security Bank or Agua Vida then walk in the last 60m.

Can I authorize someone to pick up my plates on my behalf?

You can authorize a representative to get the plates for you as long as he can present an authorization letter with a copy of your ID.

Do you do meet-ups?

Sorry, we don’t do meet-ups.  You can visit our sales office at Eight Peaks Enterprises.

How can I pay for my order?

You can pay via these methods

  • BPI Account – BPI Savings account, NOT BPI Family
  • G-cash (includes Globe Business Center, Bayad Center, Cebuana Lhuiller, and selected 7-Eleven brances)
  • Credit Card via Paypal (P50 per set)

We will provide the account numbers upon confirmation of the order.  If we don’t receive an email within 2 business days, email us at conductionplate@gmail.com

Is your BPI account BPI Main or BPI Family Savings?

Our BPI Account is Bank of Philippine Islands (Main), NOT BPI Family.

How can I pay via G-Cash?

We will give you the G-Cash Account number and account name once you fill out the order form.

To learn more about G-cash payments, see http://www.globe.com.ph/gcash

Where can I pay through GCash?

You can deposit your payment through:

  • Existing GCash accounts
  • SM Payment Center
  • Puregold Payment Center
  • Globe Business Center
  • Bayad Center
  • Cebuana Lhuiller,
  • and selected 7-Eleven branches (not all 7-Eleven branches accept GCash)

How do I pay through Cebuana Lhuiller branches?

Here is a sample Cebuana remittance form.  Be sure to advise the Cebuana staff that you will do a GCash Cash In to Others.

Cebuana Sample Form - GCash In Others
Cebuana Sample Form – GCash In Others

How can I pay through 7-Eleven Branches?

Video on how to pay via G-Cash through 7-Eleven.  We will give you the GCash account number. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G2iQ9AsCxNs

Kindly note that not all 7-Eleven branches accept GCash payments.

Can I order conduction plates for Lost plates or Replacement LTO Plates?

Yes, but you need to go to the LTO office first.  Please read our article What to do when your LTO plate is lost or needs replacement for the full answer.

Can I order conduction plates for old cars or for cars with LTO-issued car plates?

Yes, but you need to go to the LTO office first.  Please read our article What to do when your LTO plate is lost or needs replacement for the full answer.

Can I order conduction plates for the dealer provided Virtual Plate?

We do not recommend making temporary plates for Virtual Plate.  This can be mistaken as an improvised plate.  Please read our article What are Virtual Plates? for the full answer.

My car doesn’t have standard holes. What can I do?

You can send us the measurements so we can place the proper holes.

My car doesn’t have hole provisions for the front plate.  What do I do?

Our clients who don’t have a provision for the front plate also use heavy duty double sided tape to install the conduction plate.
We recommend using the 3M Auto Advanced Super Strenght Molding Tape or the Polar High Temperature Mounting tape.
Be sure clean the surface before installation. It should be dry. Be generous in putting tape. Upon installation, place the plate firmly and lay flat.

Do you make motorcycle plates?

Yes, we make motorcycle plates.

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