Gunma Prefecture – The Inspiration behind the Gunma Japanese Plates

The Japanese characters (群馬) in our conduction plates refer to the Gunma Prefecture in Japan.
The Gunma prefecture is the region of choice for the Japanese Domestic Market (JDM) plate importers because it is the setting for the popular street racing/drifting anime called “Initial D.”
The biggest and famous car tuners of Japan are stationed in the Gunma area.  This can also be due to the fact that this prefecture has the highest concentration of cars in the country.
Our clients order this design because it gives a more Japanese feel to Japanese cars.
Gunma japanese conduction plate - front
Gunma Japanese – standard design, 群馬 refers to the Gunma Prefecture
Black Gunma Conduction Plates
Gunma Black – standard design
Gunma Black - without the manufacturer logo
Gunma Black – without the manufacturer logo


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