LTO removes expiry of temporary license cards

To those who renewed their driver’s license this year and have yet to receive your plastic LTO cards, no need to worry about the impending expiry.  You can still drive legally even if the validity stamped in your license receipt has lapsed.

Here is a full copy of the memo.

Memorandum Circular No. AVT-2015-1925

SUBJECT:   Removing the 150 days validity period of Temporary Driver’s License in view of the shortage of license cards.

After a thorough discussion with the Regional Directors, Assistant Regional Directors and Heads of Licensing Centers, during the first quarter Director’s Conference held at Cagayan de Oro City last February 25 to 28, 2015, and after evaluation of the complaints regarding the delay of the released of the Driver’s License plastic cards both for the Non-Professional and Professional Driver’s License, due to the shortage of plastic materials used for the production of the said plastic cards, the following guidelines are hereby promulgated for the observance of all concerned:

1.  The Validity period of the Temporary Driver’s License (TDL) shall be disregarded and the Expiry Date of the Driver’s License indicated therein shall be considered as the TDL’s lifespan/validity
period.  No Violation for the Use of Expired TDL shall be charged until the issue on the shortage/non-availability of plastic cards is fully-addressed;

2.  The availability of the plastic cards shall be made known to the public by posting a simple notice in conspicuous areas within the vicinity of the Licensing Centers/District Offices and Driver’s License Renewal
Centers (DLRC) for the information and guidance of the public.  All Licensing Centers/District Offices and Driver’s License Renewal Centers shall provide a Telephone Hotline Number for the transacting
public to call for an update/follow up regarding the date of release; and

3.  All LTO Regional Offices shall instruct their Law Enforcers and deputized agents to refrain from apprehending drivers only on the basis of expired TDL.

All instructions/memoranda inconsistent herewith are deemed superseded and/or otherwise modified accordingly.

This memorandum shall take effect immediately.

For your guidance and strict compliance.

Source: http://www.lto.gov.ph/about-us/transparency-seal/99-about-us/vision-mission-mandate/news/156-memorandum-circular-no-avt-2015-1925


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