What are Virtual Plates?

MANILA, PHILIPPINES – We have been getting a lot of inquiries on the Virtual Plates from our clients in the past few months.  Here is a quick FAQ on the matter.

What are Virtual Plates?

Virtual Plate numbers are the assigned car registration numbers for new vehicles.  Because of the delay in the procurement and production of the official government-issued plates in the Philippines, the new vehicles already have assigned plate numbers but the physical plates are not yet available.  This will aid you in the release of the plate number in the future.

These assigned numbers are called by many, the Virtual Plate.

Where can I get my assigned Virtual Plate?

The Virtual Plate Numbers will be given to your car dealer.  Usually, there is a certificate showing the plate number.

Can I have Virtual Plates made?

We do not recommend you to have Virtual Plates made.  There is a regulation in LTO prohibiting the making of improvised plates and since the Virtual Plate is the LTO plate number, this will be considered an improvised plate.  This has a corresponding penalty.

LTO Issued me an Authority to Use Improvised Plates.  Can I have a temporary plate done?

If LTO issued you an Authority to Use Improvised Plates, you can safely have virtual plates made.

If the production of Virtual Plates is not recommended, can I still have conduction plates made?

Yes, you can still have your conduction plates made.  Conduction Plate Manila makes reasonably priced conduction plates.

How can I order a conduction plate?

You can order here.

I lost my plate number.  What should I do?

Please read our article “What to do if your plates are lost or needs to be replaced?

Information gathered from a phone call to the Director’s Office of LTO NCR (June 21, 2016)


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