LTO plate layout - Feb 2017

LTO Issues Standard Conduction Plate for Cars Registered starting June 1, 2017

Update (Mar 2017): Implementation of this memo was postponed from Feb 15, 2017 to June 1, 2017

LTO Standard Conduction Plate Design
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LTO released a memo last January 11, 2017 related to conduction sticker plates that is causing some confusion to the motoring public.  Here is all the information we gathered to help our customers and friends.

Last January 11, 2017, LTO issued a memo that the conduction sticker numbers will serve as temporary license plate numbers for vehicles.  They also provided a standard design of conduction plates.  All dealers are required to provide conduction plates that are reflectorized and follow the standard design for cars registered starting Feb 15, 2017.  We called the LTO Operations Division.  They clarified that the new standard design is indeed required for vehicles bought and registered starting Feb 15, 2017.

Later on Feb 23, 2017, LTO released another circular deferring the implementation of the new LTO standard design to June 1, 2017. (see memo copy below)

So if your car OR and CR shows that it was registered before June 1, 2017, you are not required to follow this memo.

You can read the memo here:

LTO Memo - Jan 11, 2017 Conduction Sticker Number as Temporary Licenses Number
LTO Memo – Jan 11, 2017 Conduction Sticker Number as Temporary License Plate Number
LTO Memo Feb 23 2017 Deferring Implementation of New Design
LTO Memo Feb 23 2017 Deferring Implementation of New Design

Frequently asked questions:

My car is new and don’t have my LTO plate. It was registered 2016.  Can I order a personalized conduction plate?

Yes, you can still order a personalized conduction plate.  The LTO standard conduction plate design is required for cars registered starting Jun 1, 2017 only.  You can order your plates in conductionplate.com/order.

I registered my car June 20, 2017.  Can I order a personalized conduction plate?

Yes, you can order Conduction Plates but only the LTO standard design. You must order and use the design similar to dealer-issued conduction plates. Our LTO standard Conduction plates are reflective and are compliant with the set guidelines of LTO.We discourage the use of other designs to comply with the set LTO guidelines.

I ordered a conduction plate from Conduction Plate Manila in 2016.  Do I need to change my plates to the LTO standard conduction plate design?

No.  The directive is only applicable to vehicles registered starting June 1, 2017.  You can still continue using your Conduction Plate Manila plates until your official LTO plates arrive.

If my car bought after June 1, 2017 is not compliant, who will be fined?

Based on the memo, it is the dealer who will be fined.  The dealer is responsible for providing the plate complying with the LTO standard conduction plate design.

I am a car dealer.  Do you make the new LTO standard Conduction Plate Design?

Yes.  Please email us at conductionplate@gmail.com with the following details (Dealer name, quantity, contact person, contact details- landline, mobile) so we can provide you a quotation.

What is the required LTO standard design?

The photo below is our render.

LTO Standard-Jun5-2017

How do I order an LTO standard Conduction Plate?

Fill in the order form at conductionplate.com/order.  Choose the LTO Standard Conduction Plate.


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