Conduction Plate Manile will be at the MitsuFest 2017

Conduction Plate Manila will be in MitsuFest 2017!


MitsuFest 2017

We will be in MitsuFest 2017!  MitsuFest is happening on October 22, 2017 in the Philippine Arena, Bulacan.

As a special treat, we will allow orders paid until Oct 10 the option to pickup in the MitsuFest in the Conduction Plate Manila booth.

See you at the MitsuFest!

Frequently Asked Questions for Conduction Plate Manila for MitsuFest 2017

How do I order my conduction plate?

Order your plates online at conductionplate.com/order.

Is the entrance FREE for MitsuFest?

Yes, entrance to the MitsuFest 2017 is FREE.

How can I get my plate from MitsuFest?

  1. Order online.
  2. Choose Pickup at MitsuFest in the question– “How do you wish to get your plates?”
  3. Pay and email the deposit slip to conductionplate@gmail.com on or before Oct 15.
  4. Wait for the email confirmation from Conduction Plate Manila.

What if I miss the payment deadline?

If you miss the payment deadline, you can have the plates delivered (P150 within Metro Manila, P300 outside Metro Manila) or pickup in the sales office of Conduction Plate Manila.

Can I authorize a friend to get my order during MitsuFest?

Yes.  You can authorize a representative to get the plates for you as long as he can present an authorization letter with a copy of your ID.

What if I failed to get my order during MitsuFest?

You can still pickup the plates in the Sales office of Conduction Plate Manila or have the plates delivered.  The delivery charge within Metro Manila is P150 and outside Metro Manila P300.

Where is the sales office of Conduction Plate Manila?

The sales office of Conduction Plate Manila is in Eight Peaks Enterprises, GF 1040 EDSA, Makati.  You can see the directions here.



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